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show up for social change

imagine a world without judgement.
Imagine a world of love.

Walking 754 Miles for Radical Love

This is a love story. A tribute to the people that so many deem as invisible, dismiss, and/or hate because of the color of their skin. "I had never even considered them, their lives, their lived experiences, the depth of the harm, the trauma, that they experience every day. Not easy to admit and necessary" Rachelle shares.

Rachelle is on a walking pilgrimage, building bridges between people through the power of stories. She left Chicago, Illinois, April 2, 2024 and is walking 754 miles to Montgomery, Alabama, over six months. Driven by love and reverence for those reshaping her perspective, Rachelle invites communities along her route to join in conversation, reflection, and solidarity. For those interested in hosting a performance or walking alongside her – mayors, civic groups, universities, churches or others – please contact Rachelle directly at


LATE: A Love Story is a one-woman show and a true story about Rachelle Zola and the truths she learned too late. Rachelle shares her story and the stories of the people who have opened their hearts to her. LATE: A Love Story is captivating and will leave you thinking about and re-imaging the world we live in.

Meet Rachelle

I am a 75 years-old white woman who moved to Chicago, Illinois in August 2019. I married the love of my life when I was 25 years old and divorced after 40 years together. I’m an advocate and a free spirit. I’m spontaneous, tenacious, adventurous, and passionate. I love to play and dance. I know how to listen, to be a witness for another’s sorrows and joys, to heal.

It’s a very different life from the one I had. I feel untethered a lot and it’s okay. I’ve lived in Jordan, Mexico and Ecuador. In the U.S. I’ve lived in New York, Virginia, Colorado, Arizona and Illinois.


It’s important for me to acknowledge Melissa Lorraine, a Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Theatre Y and Emily Bragg who collaborated with me for a year in creating this play. They brought these stories to life…to be shared with all of you. 

I am the author of "Simple Successes: From Obstacles to Solutions with Special Needs Children", my first public advocacy work which was published in 2006. In 2021, I did a 40 day hunger strike for H.R. 40 – a bill to create a commission to study and develop reparations for African Americans. 


Thank you for choosing to join me on this pilgrimage.

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